How to Boost your Curb appeal


Curb Appeal is defined as the attractiveness of a property when viewed from the street. This is the first thing that the buyer sees when they come in for property showing. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a good first impression and just build up the excitement for your buyers when they come in.


Here are some quick ways to give your home’s exterior some attitude in a good way:


Remove the garbage – Remove anything that is an eyesore, including old vehicles, lawn furniture, swing sets, empty planters, unruly garden hoses, dead bushes and anything the seems out of place. This also includes putting your garbage bin in a strategic place that is out of sight.


Take care of the lawn – Lawn is a major part of your front yard. Make sure that it is green and mowed. Mowing helps in keeping the lawn nice. Mow the garden when it’s dry, this gives a luscious look to the Lawn. Keep it green by watering and fertilizing. Also, don’t forget to pull the weeds.


Spruce-up the entrance – Ensure that walkway is clean, remove weeds and repair any cracks. Also check the steps, porch and front door if in top shape. Do repairs as necessary.


Add outdoor lighting – You must provide potential homebuyers a safe path especially if you do home showing at night or late afternoon. Use lights to illuminate walkways. Lighting also adds to the beauty of the home at night for those potential buyers that might drive-by at night.


Focus on your front door – Making your front door as a focal point is a great tactic all throughout the year. Make sure it is clean and perfect and you may put a fresh coat paint if necessary. But, it doesn’t stop there, check the door’s hardware and replace if necessary.


Prune the hedges and trees – These bushes and trees add an appeal to your yard but if it is overgrown and not maintained, it will work in a negative way and may seem like a detractor instead.


Plant flowers and shrubs – Colorful flowers are an excellent addition to your home’s curb appeal. You need to incorporate a bit of color to make the place more interesting and attractive.


Details also work – You can add a water feature, bird bath or garden sculpture but be careful and make sure that it is not overly done.


Immaculately clean – Sweep away any dirt and cobwebs, working from the top down. You could also use a garden hose or pressure washer to wash the walls. If you don’t have a pressure washer, the place can be cleaned by scrubbing. Check the paint, if it is chipped or faded, make sure to apply a fresh coat of paint. It will do wonders to revitalize your home’s appearance.